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Thoughts From a Tree Stand Volume 1

October 29, 2021

As I sit at quite day break, a thought passes my mind. The light of dawn so barely makes its way over the horizon, the faint outline of each bush and shrub starts to take form. For most hunters, the eyes start playing tricks thinking every slight movement might be the next Booner. As hope for the morning hunt still remains high, I think to myself "Boy this would be a bad time for a sneeze to come upon me." I chuckle to myself, but then a question comes to mind. "Would I rather have to sneeze and hold it back in the chance of scaring away my potential prize, or have to fart in the chances I could potentially shit myself?"

Each holds its own unique consequence, but both have one thing in common; they could ruin your hunt in utter moments.

Just a thought from a tree stand...

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