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Thoughts From a Tree Stand - Volume 2

As I wrap up my deer hunting season, the greatest feeling I have is grateful. Grateful that I am healthy enough to walk the extra mile, cross the extra stream and hike that last ridge. Grateful of the company I keep during the fall hunting season, all who play such an important role in my life. A few years ago I wouldn't have thought about being in the woods at 5a mid November when its 18 degrees outside. Thanks to my friends who mentored and inspired me I can now say its my passion. Grateful I have the means to fund my passion. Fishing and Hunting is not a cheap sport, especially the cost of ammo, arrows and all the equipment. I am most grateful for being able to do all of this in the great state of Maine. I have done hunts this year as far south as Scarborough and as far north as Aroostook County. The beauty and peacefulness of this state brings me much joy and happiness. People ask me all the time why I never move away from the cold and go somewhere with more promise and opportunity. I answer them with photos I take of all my ventures and say "How could you leave this?".

My hope for all anglers and hunters is that you are all as grateful as I am. That your freezers are as full as your hearts and you can file away the memories of this years hunt into your collection to share for years to come!

Just a thought from a tree stand...

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